About Us

As the Zan Grup having been established in 2015,  our mission is to provide our customers with the most natural, healthiest and most delicious fruit of Turkey and to be a pioneer Corporation throughout the country in raising healthy generations. We added the distributorship of important brands in Ankara since the start of 2017 to our business. We regularly dispatch to more than 3000 stores with more than 10 delivery trucks and 62 employees, successfully continuing our operations. The Zan Grup aims to develop successful and innovative work models in its area and sustainably grow in the set work areas. Also the Zan Grup continues on working with investments that can improve Turkey economy and increase exportation and employment. As the ZAN GRUP family, we are happy to perpetually provide high quality and healthy products to our country, to new generations and to our nation; and we guarantee that we will never appease on our foundation principle to the valuable public.