Gourmet Kiwi

Kiwi; oval, fibrous, matte coffee-green crustacean and a bright green fleshy part. There are black, edible, small striped cores on the fleshy side. Soft texture and unique sweet fruit. Kiwi is always full and full of consistency. Produced within the scope of good agricultural practices. It is never harvested without reaching the necessary stage for harvesting. It is not as hard and sour as its early-harvested ordinary kiwis, it is in its complete consistency.

Storage and Use

Kiwi should be stored in the refrigerator because it is completely mature. The kiwi can be held in the longitudinal direction and can be consumed by peeling and slicing with the help of a knife. It can also be consumed with the help of a spoon cut in half.

Did you know these?

With kiwi you can moisturize your skin, reduce light stains and black spots.